If Disclaimers Told the Truth

Yahoo: “On Thursday, the book’s publisher, Doubleday, announced that Frey was writing a brief author’s note for future hardcover and paperback editions. Spokeswoman Alison Rich would not say what would be in the note.”

DISCLAIMER #1:  “The following events have been considerably fabricated, because the author wants to be ‘the best writer of his generation.’  More importantly, he wants to sell a lot of books and be showered with attention for a tale of survival that’s nowhere nearly as crazed and troubled as he makes it out to be.”

DISCLAIMER #2:  “The characters and events were once fictitious, because they initially started out as a novel.  But this being the publishing industry, we’re well aware that ‘Based on a True Story’ sells a book almost as swiftly as the fear of God.  Forgive the author and the publisher’s opportunism.  It’s been a rough year.”

DISCLAIMER #3:  “Yes, we were exposed by a website.  We’re not happy about this.  And neither is Oprah.  But if entertainment’s your game, James Frey’s your name!  Buy and read this book anyway.  We promise that we’re withholding certain royalties from Mr. Frey.” 

(via Babies are Fireproof)

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