If It’s Any Consolation, I Was Equally Smitten With My Pre-Algebra Teacher

The Age: “According to literary critic John Guillory, the relationships that form between literature teachers and their students may carry an erotic charge. Anyone who has studied or taught the subject at university can readily confirm this from experience, observation, or hearsay. In his ponderously titled but surprisingly readable book Cultural Capital: The Problem of Literary Canon Formation, Guillory argues that desire plays an important role in the transfer of knowledge from academics to their students in a university environment.”

I’ve been telling folks this for years. You don’t need whips and chains and whipped cream in the bedroom. Or maybe you do. Even so, a little bit of poetry and a professor’s cap never hurt anyone lying naked beneath an eiderdown. So work that bump and grind, baby! Get some of that hot deconstruction action! If music be the food of lust, oh yeah!