Ignore the Blonde Woman

To riff off of Ron’s points, there is a certain blonde woman prone to making outrageous and spiteful statements. (I will confess that, this weekend, while encountering a prodigious display of the blonde woman’s books in a bookstore, I did turn each and every book around, so that the back cover faced out instead of the front. This was, of course, one of those small civic duties to ensure that innocent customers weren’t unsettled by that hatemonger’s face while sauntering through the bookstore, but instead bore witness to the ass end of the book, which I thought quite appropriate.)

But I will no longer mention her name here. I will no longer pay her any credence whatsoever. Let her howl like Cerberus to the winds of Hades. Let her publishers dump all manner of money into her books. But her spiteful brand of demagogery means nothing to me. Nor should it mean anything to you. Nor should you heed the easy impulses burgeoning within your solar plexus to remark, posthaste, at her latest enmity.

Because, to employ the dog metaphor further, I know the bitch’s days are numbered. I don’t know when. And I don’t know how. But I know that it will happen.

There comes a time in any hatemonger’s career when the lack of substance embedded within his vitriol eventually comes to bite him in the ass. We saw this most recently with Ralph Reed. We saw this a few years ago with Trent Lott. And we shall see this again with the blonde woman. There will come a time in which the sum total of her abuses will be tallied up so that no rational human being, not even the most reactionary, will give her credence.

And on that day, I will stop ignoring her and cite her by name to remind the world exactly how her hateful and nonconstructive thinking was her downfall.


  1. I hate that blonde woman. You did a great service by turning her books around. At the bookstore where I work, a copy was on the stand vertically, but upside down. Which is fitting, given the book’s title.

    Those kids who pied her are my heroes. You should send them brownies.

  2. I have found something we can agree on! I have never been a fan of the blonde woman either. I have written critical reviews of her books before, but decided on the ignore her path early on this time and think, like you, it is the wise one. I wish the media might do the same. They are shocked by her comments by give her platform after platform to ply her shtick and act shocked when she says something offensive.

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