Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Jealousy

Hilarious. Thanks for the laughs, Mr. Wolfe.

And, by the way, it should be patently obvious to anyone reading this blog that I don’t have a brain, that I am “psycho-sexual,” that I am “near-misogynist” (I beat my girl the other day and she liked it) and that I am a far from well-adjusted individual. It is only through the slimmest of margins that I manage to hold onto my day job. There is no need for Mr. Wolfe to take away precious time from “working on a book” to prove what he already knows and believes, and what you should know and believe too. No one is more mystified than I am that you continue to read this banal drivel. It is all composed without a single synaptic impulse. It is contrived and hopeless in intent. There is little in the way of insight and I regularly mangle the English language. The only reason why people like John Updike talk with me is because I blow the man in the alley.

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  1. I’m glad you’ve got a sense of humor about this. Most of us sound like idiots on our blogs; it’s the nature of instant publishing with only our ears as editors. For the record though, Brendan was not the one who used the descriptors “psycho-sexual” and “near-misogynist.” Those are mine and I recognize that the entire paragraph in which those words appear is probably unfair. I don’t know you, Ed. I only have your posts to go by, which are not the only indicators of someone’s true personality. They are at least indicators of the personality you want to project.

    I think your knee-jerk response in writing “satire” is to turn it into psuedo-porn and that seems revealing to me. Those posts are rarely funny, in my opinion, and are more embarrassing than effective. (I’m thinking of the Amanda Congdon “defense” as one example, but there are many more on smaller scales, such as the one at the end of this post.)

    As for how Brendan chooses to spend his time, I’ll leave that to him to defend, but I will say I’m going to find better uses for mine. I’ll only say that I’m not jealous, and that I’ll continue to read this site, which I do enjoy most of the time. I’m just hopeful that you’ll consider some criticism as a means of improving, since you’ve offered so much criticism to others’ writing in the past.

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