We have only an inkling of what’s going down in the literary world. We thus return this blog to the control of the majestic Superfriends. It should be noted that Bondgirl has something pretty cool whipped up.

One thing we will say is that Before Sunset has one of the greatest cinematic endings we’ve seen in a year (ending entails rug cleared from beneath audience’s feet, followed by moans from audience when “Directed by Richard Linklater” credit is seemingly prematurely displayed, followed shortly after by wild applause over how delightfully mischevious Linklater has been — ergo, the man kicketh ass).


  1. Oh, Ed, I’m so glad you were knocked out, too. I can’t write about that film–I try, then just go see it again instead.

    I’m wondering: Did you find yourself taking stock of your own life, having seen it so close to a “significant” birthday?

    And how about that moue on La Delpy?

  2. Caught a Sunday matinee of ‘Before Sunrise’ to bring me up-to-date, and then saw ‘Sunset’ last night. Loved them both, though I think Sunrise had the edge for being more deliciously romantic; too much familiar 30-something pain in Sunset! And there was less of Paris in Sunset than Vienna in Sunrise. But it was as good as I could have hoped, which is to say, very good. Great to know that my favourite PKD novel is in good directorial hands.

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