Issues with Scrabulous

I am currently getting my ass kicked in Scrabulous, the Facebook approximation of Scrabble. Now I am not a sore loser. I know when the chips are down. But come on. Honestly. Under what circumstances is PACY a fucking word? It can’t even be found in And why the fuck can’t I play QUA? If my opponent can get PACY, why can’t I play a Latin proposition? Was this Facebook application designed by former Valley Girls? Allow me some quiet dignity. LIKE, totally. Seven points!


  1. Blame the brits.

    pacy, pacey (pacier, paciest)
    adjective UK
    A pacy novel/story/film etc. contains a lot of action or events which happen quickly.
    (from: )

    I am surprised that it wouldn’t accept Qua, however. Buuut, that’s one of the great joys of online Scrabble: complaining about everyone else being allowed to enter bullshit words, while your own perfectly reasonable words are rejected.

  2. Its word list comes from the official Scrabble dictionary, which is itself a source of much controversy (in the world of Scrabble, at least). There’s a lot of good information about the history of the Scrabble dictionary and the controversy surrounding it in Stefan Fatsis’ book “Word Freak.”

    The dictionary is basically an equalizer for competitive Scrabble. If you don’t like using it, just play your Scrabulous games set to “challenge” and the dictionary won’t interfere. But then your opponent might challenge QUA right off the board.

  3. In my current scrabulous game, my opponent used the word QUA, and the application allowed that. I have been waiting all game for a CK to add on to the end.

    Sorry to hear that the game did not allow you to use QUA, but my buddy used it on a double word score. grrrrrumpfff

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