James Wood is the Worst Generalizer of His Generation

We’re operating on about one thruster right now to get us to O’Hare, so it’s possible we’ve taken leave of our senses. But this Laura Miller essay comparing Dale Peck and James Wood offers, to our muddled fume-impaired vision, some very compelling cases that they’re cut from the same cloth. As much as we appreciate his wares, Wood’s comment that a novel that “engages with the culture” could never be any good is about as pretentious and myopic about the novel’s future as Dale Peck’s infamous first line. We can only reply, skating dangerously close to the Julavits line: What’s wrong with ambition?

(UPDATE: Aw, fuggit. We have no brain. Stephany pretty much nails it.)

Toodle-oo until Monday.