John Tierney Quits, Compares Himself With Nixon

Editor & Publisher: “After a typically contrarian column today (behind the Times’ paid wall) — in which he said that voters in last week’s election want ‘gridlock,’ not action, in the next Congress — Tierney suddenly announced: ‘Whatever they do the next two years, I won’t be here to kick them around. This is my last column on the Op-Ed page. I’ve enjoyed the past couple of years in Washington, but one election cycle is enough. I’m returning full time to the subject and the city closest to my heart: science and New York. I’ll be writing a column and a blog for the Science Times section.'”

Boy, between him and Jonah Goldberg, conservatives sure seem to be imploding these days. Wonder why that could be?


  1. I will miss Tierney. His columns often offered idiosyncratic views not seen elsewhere on the Times Op-Ed page although I think it was easy to discern that lately his interests were beginning to wander from Washington. God knows, any intelligent person’s interests eventually would.

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