Jonathan Ames Alert

Long-time readers know that I once made a deal with a daemon. An evil eidolen answering to the name of Bee promised that if I continuously reported Jonathan Ames’ activity, I would be given a great salad recipe that would allow me to win friends and influence people. The salad recipe has yet to materialize, but being a man who lives up to his end of the bargain, I would be remiss if I didn’t report that The Jonathan Ames Show is going down at Mo Pitkins on January 30 and January31 at 11:00 PM. Ames will be presenting a number of unusual acts, and Moby will make a surprise appearance on at least one of these nights. Ames also promises to have a pillow fight with audience members and will, in his words, “gently paddle audience members.” It is unknown whether the paddle in question will be one of the ping-pong variety or the English public school type. But this sounds to me like several Friday evenings in my twenties.


  1. Sounds like the deal the devil made with my grandpa, except his deal was that he and all his descendants would get be able to make one trick shot in pool when they needed it the least and find great parking when they needed it most. I’ve had more occasion to us the latter, but the former ain’t bad either.

  2. Hey Ed — This past weekend, quite some time after seeing your initial recommendation, I finally read Wake Up, Sir! Man, if I had a blog, I’d report continuously on Ames, too.

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