Joyce Carol Oates’ 2004 Publishing Schedule

April: I Am No One You Know
May: You Are No One I Know
June: Love: A Rape Story After A Love Story
July: Brunette: A Novel
September: We Are No One Anyone Knows
October: My Quill Can’t Stop
November: Because the Heart Always Patters Twice
December: You Must Remember This Book


  1. This is hysterical. I wonder if it is true. In college I had the chance to have dinner with J.C. Oates and others. Joyce wrote through the entire dinner, on a taxi driver’s notepad, kept on her knee under the table. She didn’t even touch her salmon. For the matter, she didn’t even ORDER the salmon, her silent Japanese husband did. I’m kidding about the silent Japanese husband, but I don’t remember her ordering the salmon she didn’t eat. Obviously, she did not talking about the “craft”

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