Katherine Taylor Disses Howard Junker!

pbr.jpgHoward Junker reports: “Chapter Nine, ‘Traveling with Mother,’ appeared in ZYZZYVA Fall 2001, in somewhat different form; in fact, it was considered her ‘first nonfiction in print.’ It was also included in our anthology AutoBioDiversity (Heyday Books, 2005). The copyright page of Rules does not acknowledge either appearance.”

Now to be fair to Taylor, the copyright page of Rules for Saying Goodbye doesn’t list any previous appearances that this material appeared in. But when you snub the only literary editor in America brave enough to imbibe Pabst Blue Ribbon, while also dishing dirt on celebrities who fail to tip, is this not something of a double standard?

Junker, however, will have the last laugh when he questions Taylor at a Cody’s reading on Tuesday, June 26.


  1. in no way did i suggest that Katherine Taylor dissed me; the responsibility for acknowledging copyright is the publisher’s. similarly, she didn’t write the jacket copy, the publisher did.

    if anything, Taylor, as I indicated in the first sentence of my post, was kind enough to help me in my struggles by buying an ad. Which is above and beyond, and something very very few other authors ever bother to do.

    if i didn’t have the greatest respect for Taylor, and felt mutually appreciated, i wouldn’t have offered to interview her. i look forward to the chance to meet her, for the first time, at Cody’s next Tuesday.

  2. Ed: Got it @ first, but HJ’s clarification made me second-guess. In any case, I’m just trolling teh intarwebs looking for opportunities to use variations on the phrase “stirring the shit.”

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