Katrina Headlines I

  • According to this live feed from WDSU, 10,000 people are at the Superdome with the National Guard and meals to spare. The Superdome management, which states that the walls will withstand 200 mph winds, claims that the Superdome will stand up. Others are not so sure.
  • A first-person account from a local from Pat O’s.
  • Dr. Jeff Masters: “This is an incredibly large eye for a storm with a pressure this low, and makes me very uncertain about what intensity fluctuations Katrina may undergo in the next few hours before landfall. I see nothing to change the label of “catastrophic” for Katrina at landfall.”
  • Katrina has potential to leave 1 million homeless.
  • Oil now shooting past $70 a barrel. Area that Katrina hits crucial to U.S. energy infrastructure.
  • When Cafe Lafitte closes, “you KNOW its bad.”
  • Phone post from LiveJournal user ZeldaKitty.

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