Katrina Headlines XXII

Okay, we’re doing our best to balance the tragic with the comic (one of the reasons we extended the photo contest). Apologies for the inconsistency in tone, but it keeps us sane. So here’s the latest rundown.


  1. How can this be happening? Even some of the right-wing pundits at FOX, that bastion of Bush-loving propaganda, are confounded by the dearth of federal lwa enforcement and aid where it is most needed. Shepherd Smith has said, “It is in no way an exaggeration to say that people are dying and will die on the interstate…” He’s talking about the hundreds of refugees lined up along I-10 leading out of New Orleans, “dozens of them in wheelchairs,” many “holding tiny babies in their hands.” There is no National Guard there to help them. No one dropping food and water. How is this possible?!

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