Laptop Crime

Apparently, there’s now a small-time crime ring stealing tips from cafe workers and absconding with laptops in cafes — pretty close to my neck of the woods:

an organized group of folks is now walking in, ripping laptops right out of people’s hands or off their tables and running off with them. they’re organized enough to have people either running interference at the exit or to have getaway vehicles. according to the cafe owner, they haven’t recovered a single laptop so far.

I suppose such a crime development was inevitable. One cannot walk into a cafe anymore without seeing at least four people working on laptops. And it was only a matter of time before crime developed a way to target this sociological development. The really strange thing is how similar it is to carjacking.

(via SFist)


  1. There are organised laptop thefts going on around the College I work at in the Tenderloin, and I witnessed some teens grab a guy’s laptop right out of his bag on Muni and run off the bus a few weeks back.

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