Late Afternoon Roundup

  • If there’s an author named Kate, chances are that she’s been interviewed for The Bat Segundo Show in the past month. This week will see an onslaught of Kate-themed podcasts, carefully timed with this week’s Katharine Weber love at the LBC.
  • The World Fantasy Awards nominations are now up. Regrettably, the greatly overrated Lisey’s Story has taken one of the Best Novel slots. But a certain Mr. Rowe made the list. And Jeffrey Ford has two nominations!
  • Oh no, Maud, it’s The Book of Revelation hands down. And I can also make a strong case for The Insult. I’ll be sure to offer more vociferous words on the subject if you track me down in person this Friday at McNally Robinson, where the big Rupert T himself will be there.
  • Jennifer Weiner, who I hope is okay, demonstrates the needless chicklit-like covers being applied to literary heavyweights.
  • Here’s one longass Tony Wilson interview.
  • Holy shit! There’s a new Old Curiosity Shop film adaptation. Who the fuck’s playing Quilp? And is it now okay to laugh when Little Nell dies? No heart of stone here, I assure you.
  • The San Diego Union-Tribune‘s Jim Hopper gives Joe Haldeman some love.
  • The Globe & Mail investigates David Markson.
  • Is Jonathan Ames a pugilist or a novelist?


  1. Well, as I say, “The Book of Revelation” is one of my favorites. I used to love “The Insult” best of all, but it hasn’t held up as well for me on multiple readings.

    See ya Friday!

  2. “Air and Fire” was my first Thomson novel, and I admire it greatly for its western noir-ish story and the control he had over his prose and his historical subject matter. “The Book of Revelation” is an amazing, highly concentrated work.

  3. Divided Kingdom is my sentimental favorite—it’s the first Thomson book that I read—but The Book of Revelation is my regular favorite. I do like the new book. Ed, what did you think?

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