Laura Barton Likes Her Interviews Sugar Coated

From Laura Barton’s interview of James Frey:

“It asserted that a six-week investigation had cast doubt on some of the details in Frey’s memoir.”

Cast doubt? If by “cast doubt,” you mean show without a shadow of a doubt that Frey had fabricated substantial details, I suppose you’re right.

“Of the 5,000 letters sent to him, he says, only 50 have been hate mail.”

You can always trust a liar.

“And maybe this is one of the things about Frey, whatever he does, whether it be tubes of glue or writing books, he wants to do it the most – to be the hardest, to be the strongest, to win and to defeat.”

That and thousands of other would-be writers who subscribe to Writer’s Digest without writing anything. Big whoop.

“a persecution that seems particularly vicious when you consider that a man who is known to have manipulated the story of his own past is allowed to occupy the White House.”

Politicians do this all the time. Memoirists do not. Bush was smart enough not to write a book on the subject.

“He sits here before me, an impermeable rock of a man, and his very solidity, the unassailable fact of James Frey, seems strangely reassuring.”

Yeah, I’ve seen plenty of guys like this cruising in the Mission on a Friday night. Get out of the house much, Laura?

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