Less Than Zero-Speak Permeates Palahniuk Interview

Like, there’s this interview with Chuck Palahniuk, published on, what was it?

“July 7, 2004.”

Thank you, man. If it wasn’t for my steady consciousness, I’d have to look it up on the Internet.

“You were looking it up on the Internet.”

Whatever, man. You’re a fucking genius.

“Yeah, I received rejections from The Stranger in Seattle. Way back.”

Here we go. Oh, OK, I remember that.




That’s probably why we couldn’t remember.

“What were we talking about?”

I’m like, the next Birnbaum, dude.

“No, Sarvas is.”



  1. That is absolutely hilarious. Christ, that interview goes on for days. They’re like the fucking turtles in Finding Nemo. “Then I was like, ‘whoa,’ and you were like, ‘whoa.’ “Dude!” “Dude!”

  2. Jimmy Beck is on the right track, though I thought it was more like Margaret Cho’s riff on straight males having periods.

    By the way, Sarvas is.

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