List of Potential New Categories for Pluto

  • Small fry
  • Midget
  • Neptune’s younger, not so nice cousin
  • Left-handed
  • Oppressed minority
  • The planet that nobody talks about
  • The guy in the back
  • The planet that flies coach
  • The planet with one testicle
  • Handicapped heavenly body
  • The planet on welfare
  • Billy Barty in space
  • Take this planet. Please.
  • Leftovers.


  1. my very eager mother just served us nine —–. nine what? pluto is no longer a planet. nor is it the “pizza” in this mnemonic device. my life is over.

  2. The Planet That’s Insecure About It’s Size, So Do You Mind If We Just Don’t Mention It, ‘Cos, After All, Size Doesn’t Matter, Right? Come On, Small Is Beautiful. Work With Me Here.

    I’m The Lose in an An Ideological War on Size

    I Ain’t No Meteor

    FKA Pluto The Planet

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