Litblog 2.0

Web 2.0. Cinema 2.0. The Novel 2.0.

Since so many people are interested in things that are “2.0,” I have decided to take the plunge and declare Return of the Reluctant, a “litblog 2.0 in tenebrous standing.”

What does 2.0 mean? Ostensibly nothing, outside of a second grade arithmetic lesson on decimals. But every concept needs a buzz marketing term. And I’m looking for any edge I can get. No matter how dubious.

So why should litblogs be any different? This is an exciting time where people must stand atop a numerical dais of self-importance.

So I’ve laid down the gauntlet. This is a Litblog 2.0.

If I’ve learned anything from watching the blade wars in disposable razors, it’s this: If another litblog goes “Litblog 2.1,” then I’ll go “Litblog 2.2” or even “Litblog 3.0” if I have to. We’ll keep on upping the ante until we get into ridiculous four-digit territory (Litblog 1526.0? If that’s what it takes, baby.).

Of course, like a childhood game, I expect this all to dissolve once one litblogger declares, “Infinity!”

But for the moment, I am Litblog 2.0. It doesn’t mean anything to anyone outside of Chris Anderson. But that’s the way the cookie crumbles, vernacular-wise.


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