Litterbug Blues

I hear the squad car comin’
It’s rollin’ round the bend
And I ain’t smoked for a while I know
Since, I don’t know when
I’m stuck in Park Station
And time keeps draggin’ on
But those gruff cops keep on comin’
On down to Haight and Stanyan

When I was just a undergrad
My friends said, “Have a smoke”
I picked the stupid habit up
And sometimes I drank Coke
But I threw a butt in Frisco
Just to watch it die
When I hear that squad car comin’
I hang my head and cry

I bet there’s drugs and murder
Or a woman being raped
But the fuzz is thinking small time, son
The litter takes the cake
But I knew I had it comin’
I know I can’t be free
Cause the cops don’t see me sweeping
And that’s what tortures me

Well, if they freed me from this prison
If I were Heather Fong
I’d reprimand the cops
Who stayed away from real crime
I’d discipline and fire
All the cops who abused
And there wouldn’t be a siren
That was a tad misused


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