Live Blogging Frey

We don’t have cable television. Hell, we don’t even know what’s on teevee these days. But Jeff has kindly live blogged tonight’s Larry King Live with James Frey. The transcript’s not up, but it will likely be found here. The surprise closing line? Larry King noting that Jerzy Kosinski hanged himself! Ouch.


  1. Hi Ed, I watched the show and.. well.. it was sort of boring. I actually started playing a yahoo game in the middle of it. Oprah called in and pledged her undying love. That was about the highlight.

  2. Boring is the word. Whatever questions were thrown his way, Frey gave the same obviously rehearsed responses. And it had kind of a stagey quality as well. All the questioners who called were admiring fans, and every question seemed to revolve around what Oprah thought. Then, voila! At the eleventh hour, Oprah calls. Am I getting incredibly cynical, or did anyone else think this looked like another manipulated reality show?

  3. The answer is still the same”james frey “won the game.Stop having a pitty party and think about something else.

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