London Underground Headlines II

  • Eyewitness reports from BBC.
  • Wikipedia has an entry up on the attacks with some emergency numbers, if you need help. I understand that mobiles are down, but you can still text message.
  • Numerology probably has nothing to do with this, but is there any significance to 7-7?
  • The Guardian is now reporting 40 dead, 350 injured.
  • London hotels are being overrun by commuters.
  • Stocks take a dip on news of London bombings.
  • Putin says attacks demonstrate that world is not united.
  • G-8 talks postponed.
  • Here in San Francisco, subways are delayed and many cops are patrolling the streets. I saw at least ten during my walk up Montgomery Street.
  • CNN: “U.S. government sources told CNN that there was no specific or credible information indicating that there might be a threat to the United States.”
  • Already, UPI is pinning this on al-Qaeda.


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