Lone Star Antics

The Kos has the scoop on something very close to hitting the mainstream media. Texas Gov. Perry’s wife left Perry. Why? Perry was found in bed with another man. And that’s not all: the other man was Jeff Connor, Secretary of State. I can’t wait to see what effect this will have on the same-sex marriage debate. Particularly since this involves Big People in Texas who are on record against sodomy.


  1. I’m waiting to hear if Perry and wife showed up together this morning at Tarrytown Methodist and the Arena Football event. But I think Sundays are pretty much “chill out and get stoned” days in Austin, so probably no news will emerge until Monday.
    I don’t think the major media will ever pick it up unless his wife talks. Only three people know what (possibly) happened, and two of them ain’t talking. I doubt it will ever come to light, but then again, I secretly hope his wife is *extremely* pissed off 🙂

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