“Love Me Two Times and I’ll Buy You a Clearblue Kit Just to Make Sure” Not Likely to Happen Anytime Soon

Los Angeles Times: “Offers keep coming in, such as the $15 million dangled by Cadillac last year to lease the song ‘Break On Through (to the Other Side)’ to hawk its luxury SUVs. To the surprise of the corporation and the chagrin of his former bandmates, [drummer John] Densmore vetoed the idea. He said he did the same when Apple Computer called with a $4-million offer, and every time “some deodorant company wants to use ‘Light My Fire.’ ”


  1. You know that it would be untrue/
    You know that I would be a liar/
    If I were to say to you/
    Girl, we couldn’t smell much better…

    What’s his problem? It’s perfect, and I’m sure Jim would have approved.

    (Prediction: they find JM on the “Lost” island–living on royalties, sipping rum in a hut and looking like Brando in Apocalypse Now.)

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