Maureen Dowd & Leon Wieseltier Party Like It’s 1999!

I’d lambaste Maureen Dowd for her uninformed column, but Ron Hogan has already done my job for me. I’ll only add that asking an assman like Wieseltier to comment on chick lit is a bit like asking a pornographic filmmaker about the artistic merits of a Skinemax flick. In both cases, the “expert” can’t be counted upon for a reasonable assessment because of his innate coprophilia.

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  1. I enjoyed your Un Lun Dun review. It made me want to reread Perdido Street Station.

    I suggest that you’re being a tad hard on Maureen Dowd here (no idea who the assman is). Although “chick lit” isn’t new, it does seem to be proliferating. It was in fact the “my tits are fabulous” title named by Dowd that recently drove me out of the bookstore. Why would I want to read a book that appears to be themed, I Participate Joyfully In My Own Oppression?

    I’m not sure that men can reallly appreciate the frustration of being harangued by “chick lit”.

  2. sfk: Although “chick lit” isn’t new, it does seem to be proliferating.

    Proliferating? Chick lit is on the down and out. Where have you been?

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