Melanie Martinez: Faxes, Mail and Phone Calls

Since the Melanie Martinez post has generated great interest, here’s the contact address for the PBS executive who fired her. (Wax’s specific reason: “PBS Kids Sprout has determined that the dialogue in this video is inappropriate for her role as a preschool program host and may undermine her character’s credibility with our audience.”) I would suggest faxes and letters instead of emails, as paper is something which will clutter up the PBS offices and email can be easily deleted. And if you like, why not give Wax a call? I’m sure she’d love to hear from you.

Sandy Wax
PBS Kids Sprout
2000 Market Street, 20th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 215-667-2750
Fax: 215-667-2701


  1. I am sorely disappointed with PBS’ decision to remove Melanie Martinez from The Good Night Show.

    Ms. Martinez’ independent short film was filmed 7 years ago. This was before she had any involvement with Sprout.

    Also, my 2-year old does not have access to the internet and I limit him on what he watches on television. I’m positive my child wouldn’t have access to see Melanie in a role which would “undermine her character’s credibility.”

    I don’t understand why they didn’t consider the fact that Melanie alerted them to the fact that the film was out there, which to me shows that her foremost priority was to do what was best for her young viewers and their families. Also, since she is also a mother of a toddler, I’m sure her views about her career and child-oriented programming have changed once she became a parent, much like the rest of us. If this is PBS’ line of thinking, why don’t they stop airing Thomas the Tank Engine because both George Carlin and Alec Baldwin narrate from time to time and I don’t want my child listening to Mr. Carlin’s comedy or watching the majority of Mr. Baldwin’s movies.

    I find this firing of Ms. Martinez a gross error on PBS’ part and shows me that their network doesn’t believe in redemption for their employees and doesn’t care for our children’s happiness. I’m sure plenty of you have made mistakes in your careers 7 years ago and don’t have to pay for it today.

    My sons will no longer be watching Sprout or contribute to PBS Kids. We will watch Noggin and Nick, Jr. for their entertainment needs.

  2. I totally agree. I am a father of a 2yr old little girl and 8 month old little boy; both of which are addicted to Melanie’s Good Night Show. Give me a break!!!!! If they were to look up everyones past; all would be fired. I to will not continue to have my children watch Sprout. It’s a shame. Melanie was sort of our virtual baby sitter. Very bad decision on PBS’s part.

  3. I have a 5 and 2 year old. We watched it every night and I often marveled at how good and geniune Melanie was at her job. My oldest drew something once and said proudly, I’m gonna send this to Melanie (as if she were a friend). Sprout over-reacted and sacrificed a lot for no reason. Noggins a cooler channel anyway.

  4. I think they overreacted. We watch ALOT of PBS SPROUT. George Carlin, Alec Baldwin, and Ringo Starr are just a few of the actors my children listens to on Thomas the train. My children don’t know or care about the jokes George tells. They don’t care what movies Alec made (other than Beetlejuice) or that Ringo was an actual Beatle.

    Everyone I know doesn’t discuss bedroom behaviour in front of their small kids. I for one have things I did just a few years ago I do not want my toddlers to know about ever. It isn’t like she was Hypatia Lee with tons of exposure. It was TWO SHORT SEGMENTS!

    I feel PBS SPROUT needs to address the abrupt departure of Melanie to give the kids a sense of closure. I mean now not in a few months. It would be great if they reinstated her but I feel she may not want to come back after all this.

  5. I sent Ms. Wax the following:

    Hopefully this will be read and not just thrown aside.



    I cannot believe that you and other executives at PBS made the decision to let Melanie Martinez go for a humorous, tame video made 7 years ago. All in the name of preserving the shows integrity. Because, God forbid, my toddler might run across Melanie’s spoof the next time he’s surfing the internet on Come on!

    Maybe you were having problems with Melanie and this presented the perfect opportunity to get rid of her. Maybe there was something else going on behind the scenes. But hiding behind the moral curtain you have drawn is just disgusting and shameful.

    Why not pull Thomas the Train? After all, I don’t need my child suddenly going around spouting off every four letter word in the book because George Carlin is narrating. Give me a break.

    After visting the Sesame Street website, I see that Alison Bartley O’Reilly, who plays Gina, has also had a role on The Sopranos. Hmmm. Very kid friendly, no? And Roscoe Orman (Gordon) has been on Sex In The City? These were roles they took on after they were icons for millions of children. Fire them all!

    My kids loved Melanie. She was gentle, soothing and friendly. She is a mom. Are you going to call CPS and have her children removed? After all, she did make a suggestive video seven years ago. Alert the media! Oh, wait — I guess you already did.

    Hope you are proud of yourselves for affecting the life of a woman whose only offense was having a sense of humor and trying to make a living.

    We will no longer support PBS.

  6. I am a stay at home mom with a 5 year old daughter. We have loved watching the Good Night Show, and my little girl especially enjoys (enjoyed) seeing Melanie.
    The decision to terminate her character’s appearance on the show was in my opinion, unnecessary. The fact that she was in an independant short film that was inappropriate for children does not affect my opinion of her, Sprout, or PBS.
    The comedian George Carlin performs crude R-rated material AND narrates Thomas the Tank Engine without skipping a beat. Many other actors (Alec Baldwin for one) have both performed steamy sex scenes in movies and worked in children’s movies and television programming. How is this any different?
    It isn’t different at all.
    I believe Melanie to be a talented, hard working actress with a wide range. She seems to care about children as an actress and a mother.
    I am disappointed that PBS came to this decision. It is unfair to both Melanie Martinez and her fans, big and small.

  7. How asinine to fire this talented actress! What religious right group is pushing their buttons?

  8. Here’s an email I sent to PBS Kids Sprout:

    My 3 year old daughter reallly wants to see Melanie again. Last night she was very concerned and said that “Melanie will be missing us!”

    How can you fire Melanie for something she did long before PBS Kids Sprout? You have no problem airing Thomas the Tank Engine, which features the voice of GEORGE CARLIN–doesn’t he do tons of blue comedy, including the famous “7 dirty words” skit? CHRIS ROCK is on Sesame Street sometimes–need I remind you of the content of his comedy act? JON STEWART was the host of ELMOPALOOZA. Other guests of Sesame Street include JIM CARREY, TOM GREEN, WHOOPI GOLDBERG, BOB
    SAGET, BEN STILLER, MARGARET CHO, and ROBIN WILLIAMS. Doesn’t their known body of work conflict with PBS children’s programing? But you allow them to be featured on probably the most watched children’s program of all time.

    Is this what PBS has come to in George W Bush’s America? It’s not like Melanie was in a porno dressed as Angelina Balerina getting gang raped by the cast of Dragon Tales. And it’s not likely the preschool set is going on YouTube and searching out “Technical Virgin.”

    Please, please give Melanie her job back. She is great as the host of the Good Night Show and we really don’t care what she did as a comedian before. My kids adore her, and so do we.

  9. Also I added in the email: We are DirecTV subscribers who pay extra on top of our regular subscriptions for their “Kids Package” just so we can get PBS Kids Sprout and Melanie Martinez’s Good Night Show. So we are paying twice to ensure we get Melanie, and on top of that you are now running commercials on PBS Kids Sprout, so by my count we are paying a lot for your channel and should have a voice about your programming decisions.

  10. I am offended by termination of Melanie for the satire she participated in seven years ago. I certainly hope that none of the senior executives have anything to hide as I am sure that the press will find it now that this unreasonable termination has taken place. Grow up! Adults understand behavior in the presence of preschool children is important but we do not cease to be adults and deal with adult concepts in other contexts. PBS has put themselves in a difficult position they are likely to be under a great deal of pressure, and I for one would support Melanie in this issue.

    My daghter wants to know where Melanie is, now I have to explain.

  11. I was livid when I found out about Melanie’s firing. I too fired off an email to Ms. Wax. I plan to also call and fax. Here is my email…
    Hello. My name is Jim Vaughn. My three children and I regularly watched the Good Night Show. Though it took me a while to get used to Melanie (my kids loved her right away), we all thoroughly enjoyed the show. We were heart broken that you chose to fire her for something she did SEVEN years ago. I know you must uphold standards, especially when it comes to programing for young viewers but it wasn’t as though Melanie was acting out in inappropriate ways during the taping of the shows and young people always tend to do one or two things that they wish they could take back along the way. I have tried to explain to my kids why she had to go but I couldn’t come up with a logical explanation. It was PC run amok. She was a wonderful fit for your program. No one complained about her past, if she didn’t bring it up to you I am not sure it would have been much of an issue. It was a mistake letting her go. I don’t tend to make too many radical stands in my life but I must make one now. My family and I will no longer watch your network. The message you sent out was not, ‘we are upholding family standards’. If it were then you would have forgiven something that happened 7 years ago if the person was contrite about it. What you are sending out is a message that a mistake, no matter how long ago it occurred, is unforgivable. That is wrong. A terrible message to send out to young people. Melanie could have explained herself to the public and said that it was a young person’s mistake and ask for forgiveness. America is very forgiving and understanding when it comes to honest confessions.
    My family is a Nielsen family. Our viewing choices actually count. We have two other Nielsen families who also will no longer watch your network over this knee jerk firing. That may be only three familes that vote but there are countless others who feel the same way. Sure, after time your network will recover from the bad PR of this situation but why go through it? Bring her back. Have her apologize. People will forgive. And we could all go back to something that seemed so special in a TV landscape that is anything but.

    A former viewer……….

    Jim Vaughn
    Kids, Abby, Jimmy, and Gretchen.

  12. As the previous posts have indicated, this move is the utmost in hypocracy and hyper-PC. Because of this ridiculous move by PBS, I will likely cancel my membership to my local PBS station. I know the local station is not directly responsible for the decision to fire Melanie, but it is another way to affect, at least in a small way, PBS in the wallet. In addition to contacting Sandy Wax and Paula Kerger and contacting Huggies, I make this suggestion to any members with preschool-aged children — like ours — who are suddenly confused about Melanie’s sudden disappearance: CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TO YOUR LOCAL PBS STATION, and let the station executives start putting pressure on PBS. The viewers can make a difference.

  13. I would probably be considered by most a member of the ‘religious right’…I would probably also be considered ‘puritanical”….but I think that PBS’s firing of Melanie is absolutely outrageous.

    She did good work on the ‘Good Night Show’ and both of my children loved watching her. I am certain that Melanie is a wonderful mother. That she informed the network about the films demonstrates her integrity.

    I hope they will reconsider. It certainly seems to reflect a double standard at PBS.

    If Melanie sees this…..thanks for a great year! My kids will miss you, and so will the rest of our family.


  14. “Please rest assured that we have read your email and appreciate you taking the time and effort to share your concerns with us. We understand that you are disappointed with the recent changes to The Good Night Show, and we too are saddened that we had to make this difficult decision. While we recognize that change is difficult for young children, we are committed to finding a new host for The Good Night Show
    who will build a strong and sustainable connection to our Sprout children and families.”

    This was the response I got to my email to info@sproutletsgrow.. and it was from

    I am forced to assume that they really don’t care how families feel about this. My child didn’t even get to say goodbye to Mel and I miss hearing him sing with her and chant the Sprout poem or wish Hush a goodnight. He liked her and so too did I. My faith in PBS is shattered and I will never use Comcast for anything.

    Today, my child watched Noggin and Nick Jr, even though there were far more shows that he liked on Sprout. This was after I broke the news that even with parental responses, Melanie wouldn’t be back and that they aren’t going to let him say goodbye to her either.
    “But she’ll be back for Christmas, right?” was the response I got the first time I tried. I wish I could send a video of that moment to them, so that they could see what we parents have had to sooth away. It breaks my heart.

    I wish Melanie the best of luck wherever she goes. I just wish I could send her that drawing my child was working on for her show. He even tried writing her name on it. Maybe she’ll get a job with a show on Nick Jr or Noggin. That would be good.

  15. Bring Melanie back. My daughter can no longer sleep at night. Nor can I. If not Melanie, a Mexican girl just like her.

  16. The firing of Melanie is absolutely RIDICULOUS! I don’t even have kids – but I have tons of nieces and nephews who love and trust her. Now they get sad when the G’night SHow comes on b/c they can’t see Melanie. PBS Sprout totally betrayed it’s audience. Way to go, suits!

  17. I cannot believe they fired Melanie over this incident that occurred so many years ago. She was 27 years old and we do not know what her situation was then.. My daughter is crazy about Melanie and I am sure she would never see the PSA’s. If they researched everyone’s past I am sure they would find something to fire several more people. She is not targeting teenagers, I could understand the decision if she was. If parents control what their children watch it will not matter. My daughter is two and she cannot understand where Melanie is. I would hope that PBS would reconsider. We are now watching Noggin and Nick. I don’t really care for these shows b/c I feel they are too old for her. I will however let her watch them and DVDs to avoid supporting PBS.

  18. I find it rather unfortunate that PBS has decided to terminate Ms. Martinez’ contract for the Good Night Show. Our two toddlers watched this show every night and grew very attached to “Melanie and Star”. In fact, my daughter is still asking why Melanie is no longer on the show.

    While I agree the material in the “Technical Virgin” video is inappropriate for my children, I would certainly never allow them to watch the video. What concerns me most about this matter though is that this video is simply a spoof — satire designed around modern issues. Many, many actors and actresses have done such work. In fact, many actors and actresses have done far worse.

    PBS shows like “Between the Lions” and “Sesame Street” regularly bring guests on their shows from contemporary entertainment. These actors and actresses have engaged in a wide variety of work, in some cases it is quite “colorful”. Voices for PBS programs include performers who are well known (if not notorious) for their off-color humor such as George Carlin, Alec Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg and others.

    “Melanie and Star” have become an important part of many a Sproutlet’s night-time drill. These children have no exposure to this actress’ prior work and as such it has no bearing on them whatsoever. I am very disappointed in PBS’ rash and unjustified decision to terminate Ms. Martinez’ contract, and encourage the network to reconsider.

  19. My children are 4 and 6, and they miss Melanie terribly. She was a wonderful host and succeeded in helping my children wind down after their bath and dinner. As for the executives at PBS, I find it almost comical that you sit there in your oversized leather chairs and pass judgement on actors and actresses. While I have no doubt that many of you are skilled in the art of Bull****, that does not qualify you as an actor/actress, nor does it give you the right to judge the past actions of the talented men and women who began their careers as most do, at the bottom. One good thing did come from the pulling of the GNS, I no longer have to listen to Star every night. The puppet sounds like a two pack a day smoker. Shame on you PBS! You have taken the one quality thing that children can watch during the evening and ruined it. You have devestated my children and for that you are banned from my home until you find a way to adequately redeem yourselves in their eyes and mine.

  20. I think the PBS’s decision to fire Melanie is ridiculous. Melanie is an actress and what she did 7 years ago was another acting gig. As host of the Good Night Show she did an incredible job and children will miss her sweetness and dedication greatly. Perhaps if the Network is so concern with the faces representing their programs, they should reconsider the guest hosts that have been in Sesame Street. Actors like, Ellen Degenerous, Natalie Portman, Ben Stiller, etc. They’ve never been in films with inapropieate language or sexual content right?

  21. I too will be sending a letter to Sprout. Thank you for publishing the name of the CEO of Kimberly Clark, of Huggies because I will be writing to him as well to express my dismay.
    I believe the termination of Melanie’s contract with Sprout is an insult to me and other parents whose children love Melanie. PBS obviously has no problem with the men they have chosen to be on Sprout. They are not concerned with the ‘content’ of the entertainment they have provided for their adult audiences. So for Sprout to take this position on Melanie’s previous entertainment choice is very offensive and demonstrative of the basest form of sexism. The typical double standard we are so accustomed to Sprout has made the decision to support and continue.
    I would be shocked if Sprout would acknowledge their participation in this gender biased decision. That makes me wonder how much less Melanie was paid for her air time compared to Mr. Carlin or Mr. Baldwin just to name a couple of the gentlemen employed by Sprout. I can find no other logical explanation for this outcome in this instance. If there is an explanation I would like to know what it is because the explanation postured by Sprout is wholely inadequate. My four year old daughter will no longer be allowed to watch PBS. I have long supported PBS as a progressive station that has operated with thoughtfulness and sensitivity to life issues. I am sorely disappointed. I also have two young sons who are in diapers. I have been a staunch supporter of Huggies. I will no longer be a participant in this market either. Pampers or Luvs will now have my dollars.
    Joyce Farias

  22. I am one adult NOT upset at the firing of Melanie. We all make choices in life and have to think about the future consequences of our actions. This is something we also need to teach our children. Yes, most of our children are too young to know anything about Melanie Martinez other than her hosting of The Goodnight Show, but I am supporting the network’s decision to terminate her. I am the mother of a 2 year old who does watch this PBS show. Lately I feel PBS has focused more on Melanie doing pseudo-yoga poses and talking to her star puppet than showing educational children’s television programs. I prefer the Dragon Tales song and dance routines and other “fillers” that have been implemented since her dismissal. Maybe some of you parents should spend more time with your children reading them books and listening to music and doing other bedtime activities other than expecting Miss Melanie to “soothe their children to bed” as so many parents put it. I look forward to a new host with less airtime than Miss Melanie.

  23. This is so much crap. I have notice that the only people that support this are people that have no idea what this independent film is all about. Most likley you people never went to college!! This film is a propgada film on NOT TO HAVE SEX just like one about not smoking pot!!! This is not a Porno, like Alec Baldnuts is additiced to! also this should only raise eyebrows if your kids are on the internet
    look for this because it’s my understaning that it is out of print

  24. How can I find out what Melanie is doing now? My daughter asks for her every night, and I would much rather take my business elsewhere than have her watch the Good Night Show after what they’ve done. Does anyone know how to contact Melanie, or what she’s producing now?

  25. I saw the film, and it actually made me laugh. It is so stupid but at the same time it is telling people there are other things to do besides have sexual intercourse. If a spoof video about being safe is something that people take seriously, then obviosly these people are so high strung that the only reason they have a children’s network is to make tons of money.
    It also took me a while to get used to Melanie, and right when I start liking her, they nix her from the show. I do NOT use the television as a babysitter, I leave the radio on during the day, and when it’s time for a nap or to sleep I either sing to my kids or read them books. At the same time, I do let my son watch cartoons or (previously) SPROUT, but not anymore. For parents to support the decision that was made against Melanie is a complete load of crap, because at the same time they are letting their children watch the same tv show that our children were watching. I hope Melanie does sue these people that fired her. There is such thing as statue of limitations!!!!

  26. I think another issue is Melanie’s race. Maybe if her name were Melanie Martin, she would still be on Sprout. What do I tell my 3-year-old: “Don’t ever do anything that might upset someone years later,” or “Don’t be a non-white person”? Oops…too late for both of those.

    Is the Asian guy next?

    A former viewer and supporter.

  27. I think people just need to calm down and get over it. It’s not like this is the end of the woman’s career or that they put her in front of a firing squad. And as for the kids being upset…I get that. But instead of not allowing them to watch the channel and all the other characters they love anymore, why not use this as an opportunity to do something wild like talk to your kids. Explain to them that change happens in people’s lives and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Take the time that they would have been watching her and read to them or play with them. Parent’s had to help kids deal with transition when Blue’s Clues host Joe left the show and so far everyone seems to be doing fine. I’m sure part of the decison was based on fear of backlash if parents found out about the movie and wanted to know why they let her stay. Most of the times in these situations, the people making the decisions are going to make people mad either way. We just have to remember that we’re the grown ups and stop having temper tantrums.

  28. This is kids TV not Wall street. Isn’t it ironic that Jim Baker (PTL club) lasted longer on TV than Melanie Martinez.

  29. I think your decision to fire Melanie was really stupid. Don’t you have anything better to do. My 3 year old daughter loves Melanie and keeps asking me where she is. She also loved the new friend Melanie had, the star. Further more, what preschooler is actually going to see the short films Melanie did 7 YEARS AGO, and obviously the parents don’t care. It was 7 YEARS AGO. I’m sure there are plenty of stars that have pasts. Even children’s show characters. Should we fire all of them too? NO! Bring back Melanie. Also, what happen to Angelina? Why are there 2 episodes of Sagwa now on the Goodnight Show?

  30. i am very angry with pbs.. i wrote them once already but your right maybe we should call..or send thousands of letters.. they say that they are worried about the children well obviously they arent cause they fired one of our childrens friends, my son is 2 and he loves her, he has autographed pic, of her by has bed.. he loved to listen to her and sing with her.. i did too to be honest.. i agree other parents , MY SON WILL STICK TO NOGGIN OR NICK JR FROM NOW ON,,, IT DOESNT MATTER WHO THEY GET TO REPLACE HER, THEY STIL ARENT MELANIE….

  31. My 4-year-old daughter asked me a couple days ago “Where’s Melanie?” I hadn’t noticed that she wasn’t on any longer until my daughter asked me. When I realized that she wasn’t on anymore, I was really disappointed. She was top-notch/excellent!!! She had perfect communications skills when addressing toddlers.
    WE WANT HER BACK!!!!!!

    Sad in Michigan.

  32. My 14 month old loved the Good Night Show that is until they fired Melanie. When ever she was on my toddler stopped what ever she was doing to pay attention. She could be crying and Melanie’s soothing voice would calm her. I hate that the fired her over some stupid stuff that happen 7 years ago. I hope some other channel snaps her uo because we’ll follow her where ever she goes.

    We love to Melanie! 🙂

  33. Please go to, which will give you the email address of your Congressman. WRITE THEM ABOUT THIS!!! If you dont’ feel like typing something out, edit what I wrote, copy and paste it into your email, but please get this out there. Ms. Wax is ignoring us, but she can’t ignore politicians. Ask ABC!!! WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN ABOUT MELANIE AND SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN!!!!

    Dear Mr. Mollohan:

    I am writing to you about a very disturbing event that has taken place with PBS recently. PBS Sprout has fired the host of the Good Night Show, Melanie Martinez, for a spoof video she did over 7 years ago. The video was not all that bad, but PBS is sweeping this under the rug.

    PBS is a government funded network, and I am sure that freedom of speech is being violated here. The person who fired Melanie, the President of PBS Sprout, is Sandy Wax, and she will not comment publicly on the incident.

    PBS has had a host of different people on their shows who have a past, including Mr.Rogers, Maria on Sesame Street, guest hosts such as the Spin Doctors and Jimmy Buffet, and this is blatant hypocricy. My tax dollars are used to fund PBS Sprout, and I demand transparency on this issue.

    I would urge you to champion this, Senator Mollohan. This is a freedom of speech issue and the current administration is pushing censorship for everything we see on the airwaves. As a parent and previous fan of PBS Sprout, I can tell you that over 8500 other people have signed a petition pertaining to Ms. Martinez, and can be viewed here:

    This will give you some background into the situation and let you make a decision for yourself. Many other people feel the way I do and would love to have the caring, wonderful host of The Good Night show back, or at the very least, a reprimand for Ms. Wax.

    She can be contacted here:

    Sandy Wax
    PBS Kids Sprout
    2000 Market Street, 20th Floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19103
    Phone: 215-667-2750
    Fax: 215-667-2701

    Nothing is being done about this to a satisfactory level, in my opinion, and since my tax dollars are paying to support PBS, I have the right to ask for justice in this situation. If you address this, you will have my vote in the upcoming election. Please politicize this, take this to Sen. Clinton in NY and other Congresspeople and get this on the national news. Put pressure on Ms. Wax to address her hypocritical firing of Melanie Martinez. This will highlight your difference from the current administration and give you a great advantage going into the November race.

  34. Hi, I think it is rediculous that they got rid of Melanie for such an obserd reason. Has anyone seen the new guy, now that is someone I would be afraid of. He’s creepy. Anyways…Melanie is way better off doing something else, and I bet if they invited her back she wouldn’t do it, so there is nothing that anyone can do. She is gone and hopefully one day we will all see her again on a better show.

  35. My 2 1/2 year old has continued to ask “where Melanie?” when she sees Sprout’s raspy, emphesematous stuffed star. So I finally went on line to find out what happened. From what I have read, I am dismayed and disappointed. My husband and I have been willing to sacrifice prime-time television altogether for the safe viewing by our child of “The Good Night Show” on which Melanie was a soothing presence. Someone made a mistake and should be ashamed, and I’m not referring to Melanie.

  36. Are people still on about this? Wow. I was upset the day I heard what happened, and you know what? I got over it. So did my son. He’s a year-and-a-half, and has started watching Nick GAS as a replacement. He likes Legends of the Hidden Temple, and Double Dare. He likes watching the kids do physical activities and we interact more “talking” about what the kids are doing, and he gets up and dances to the music. We’re no longer PBS Sprout zombies!

    I still can’t believe, though, that they kept that stupid Star beast. That thing skeeves me out…

  37. I agree with everything you all are saying about what happened to Melanie Martinez, it was a bad move on the part of PBS/Sprout/Comcast, my daughter also enjoyed watching the G’Night show. But I really have to agree with Jennifer who posted on Sept 11 regarding the new host Leo. He really is creepy..

  38. I just called and left a voicemail for Ms. Wax. I urge you all to call and leave a message at the number above. My two boys keep asking me when and if Melanie will come back on tv. Please bring Melanie back to us!!

  39. I also have a 3 yr old Daughter. She’s been asking me where Melanie is everynight when we turn it to the Good Night Show. She just assumes that she’s sick. I try and explain to her but, how do you tell a 3 yr old that she’s been fired for something in her past? I don’t lie to my Daughter, I’m not going to tell her the reason why, but, I refuse to lie to her as well.
    I’m a Christian and that’s something that I don’t do. Jesus forgave and forgot, and I’m sure he would in a situation such as this. Actually he did, it’s in the Bible why don’t you look it up? Because you’re to busy being a hypocrite and pointing fingers.
    I now have to turn it very quickly back to another Cartoon or she’ll start crying at the new replacement. She was attatched to Melanie, she loved to watch her at bedtime. And is still wondering what’s happened to her. Why don’t you explain it to my daughter? She’s smart for her age, and listens but, she absolutely loved Melanie.
    To just get rid of her without an explanation to the children was very rude on your behalf. It interupts their schedule, and routine.
    And to let her go for something that she did 7 yrs ago, is rediculous. It’s in the past and that’s where it should’ve stayed.
    We don’t watch the Good Night Show either anymore now. Personally to me the new host looks Creepy and scares my daughter, so that’s why we don’t support you anymore either.
    Shame, Shame for letting her go. She was the best one for that job and no one else will be able to fill her spot. At least not to my 3 yr. old daughter.
    I hope that you reconsider and bring her back.
    Thank you,

  40. I miss Melanie, and when they changed the Good Night Show, while she was still there, I wasn’t sure I liked it. I thought it NEEDE some change, but I wasn’t (and am STILL NOT) fond of the STAR puppet. But then she was gone! It was refreshing not to have her there for a while, and just see the programming that is usually there without a host(ess), but then they had a ‘new’ person and that blasted star. My 2 year olds have gotten used to Melanie not being there, by now…but are not sure what to make of the new guy and that star. It was nice to see Kevin in a new shirt for the birthday segment…too. I still vote to bring MELANIE back. I like her. No matter what she’s done in the past, she needs to have another chance entertaining the younger folk. Her time on Sprout television is an entirely different job and she’s done a fine one at that.

  41. Since Melanie was booted over that very trivia matter, our son doesn’t take interest in the goodnite show or the channel. Its strange because he can’t protest because he knows that Melanie was fired. As parents, we can but if he wants to watch sprout he can.

    Its a shame really that PBS hypocrisy is so blatant. I would like to remind you that people who realize what she was fired over will look back at all the Kooks that have strolled down Sesame Street. Not to mention the two Kooks (Carlin and Baldwin) that narrate Thomas & Friends. If you want be politically correct you should clean the closet those creeps first. I bet if the guy you that have on there now turns out to be a Homesexual spokesman or something outrageous like cross dressing you would be all for it. Probably introduce him as the gay host or something. Now helpful would that be.

    I think Melanie was very helpful and communicated very well to the kids (at least our kid). The girl is an actress and that’s what actresses do. Work. If she had portrayed a killer or a sexy role I wonder what your decision, Maybe that is a bad comparison because aren’t you actors that take up the craft in the kiddie arena losers in hollywood anyway.

    Give the girl a break. She had the magic.

    Rots a’ Ruck, Splout!

    Signed: Puzzled Parent

    P.S. The teen video will probably make kids remember not to have sex more that any I have seen because they will remember the comical twist.


  42. Ridiculous! Melanie is the Goodnight Show! Her firing is totally unacceptable. Who cares what she did 7 years ago in college as a young actress? The way she related to our 5 year old was great and he loved her and is wondering what happened. Why isn’t she on and he is sad…… If this was something she had done during her time on Noggin, well, maybe a slap on the wrist. Melanie is again, the Goodnight Show. Bring her back and we’ll star watching again. Nothing against Leo, but our son misses Melanie! Hey okay, it’s been another fantastic day and now it’s time to say – goodbye. Cause we’ve got places to go and bubbles to blow and friends to know and dreams to grow. So goodnight, goodnight, goodnight. We’d sing it every night.

  43. I’m with most of you… the firing of Melanie Martinez was an abominable mistake on the part of Sprout. When I emailed PBS in response to this decision, albeit later than most parents found out, I received a response from them. Basically, the response denied any responsibility on the part of PBS, and it urged me to contact Kids SPROUT directly, since they were the ones who made the decision. So I asked for a contact email and I received one, including a promise to forward my email to Sprout themselves… not that it will do any good NOW.

    Melanie’s replacement, Leo, isn’t much better. NOW Sprout has announced that beginning in December, a NEW host named Nina will be taking over, with Leo saying on as “the gardner” in an apparant demotion. Either way, The Good Night Show is suffering a serious loss due to their overreaction.

    Gracie, new mother of 1, Michigan

  44. Melanie did have the magic. She was the real Star. This was one of those textbook mistakes – like New Coke. I hope Melanie land at a competitor with quality shows. We’ll be watching.

  45. If they were worried about having someone whose other work is not child friendly why would they use George Carlin’s voice on Thomas the Train? You can’t get any less child friendly than his act.

  46. My family was very upset at the firing of Melanie. The reasons for letting her go was weak and sinceless. What a very big mistake you have made for your network. This letter is months pass due. I feel sorry for the new guy Leo, although I can see he cares about what he is doing he is just not right for the part. Melanie was so right for the part. My daughter, Brooke 21/2, and I still watch the show but we seem to be looking for other shows to watch sorry! The interactive host is a great idea as I am an educator myself. The connection my daughter had with Melanie was instant and she still has a lasting effect. So bring “her” back and only Melanie and not some look-alike, like I see you are tying to do, shame on you again!!!

    O huuuusssh,

    M. Shelby in St. Pete. FL

    portant a very big mistake

  47. Wow! I will tell you I had no idea. A simple search for the sproutlet birthday and this turns up. I have 5 children who enjoy sproutlet TV. My 7 year olds keeping asking me to find the sproutlet with Melanie on it, not realizing that she was no longer with the company. I guess I know why. I will tell you as a parent who is overprotective and consciously watching out for them. No child is looking up Melanie’s background. In addition, when they are 30 will they remember to search for her on the internet??? We all have skeletons in our past, even if they are for 30 minutes. Did you ever forget to lock the door and your children find you in an uncomfortable moment….in the bathroom, shower or even worse?????
    I’m glad that you have addressed the issue, which shows you care about our children but firing her is definitely harsh.

    Just my 2 cents…….

  48. Melanie was my reason for getting up in the morning for awhile.Then I discovered other quality programming on the TV for my child to watch.

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