Melville House Sale

In the past few years, I’ve observed Melville House grow from a mom-and-pop imprint to an independent press keeping the work of Stephen Dixon, Tao Lin, the last interview of Jacques Derrida, and numerous other volumes in bookstores. Now Melville House is now having a summer sale. The MH website doesn’t specify whether or not this sale is being conducted because of the distribution nightmares now facing nearly every indie press working hard to offer alternative material. But if this is indeed the case, then you may want to throw a few bucks Melville House’s way for their backlist. And if you purchase two books, you get a copy of Lewis Lapham’s With the Beatles. Support your indie presses!


  1. Jiminy, Ed, that subject line of yours nearly gave me a heart attack. With all the comings and goings of publishers these days, my first impression is that Dennis Johnson had sold out and MH would become yet another Random imprint.

  2. Make that “…my first impression WAS…” Obviously, reading the rest of the post clarified and eased my mind.

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