Memo to USPS: Where’s the Dick Cavett DVD Set That We Ordered Last Week? We’re SO Jonesing For This

Chicago Sun-Times: “In July 1970, for instance, ‘The Dick Cavett Show’ featured a chat session with Sly and the Family Stone, Debbie Reynolds and tennis great Pancho Gonzales. Equally weird, a month earlier, was the joint appearance of Janis Joplin, Raquel Welch, news anchor Chet Huntley and the terminally suave Douglas Fairbanks Jr. The elderly Huntley was visibly sweet on Welch, and — while taking hits from a long cigarette holder — Joplin lectured Welch about underground cartoonist R. Crumb.”

[RELATED: Newsday talks with Cavett and Cavett reveals he unintentionally interviewed Howard Hesseman. Further Cavett trivia: You know that he underwent shock treatments for bipolar disorder, but did you know that he appeared on not one, but two soap operas?]

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  1. Dandy Dan Wickett will be holding his UPS driver panel soon. Would you wanted your person excluded or do you recommend them?

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