Missing Audio Recording of John P. Marquand?

New York Times (December 13, 1981): “J.P. Marquand contributes one of his studies of Brahmin snobbery in a two-record tale about the exclusivist, mean-minded members of a Bahamian country club in ”Sun, Sea and Sand’ (CMS 575-76).”

This is rather interesting, considering that Marquand had been dead for twenty-one years when this was reported. Or perhaps reporter Paul Kresh simply didn’t know who Marquand was.

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  1. That’s a classic blooper well-known in NY Times circles.

    The first news story about me in the Times, on August 3, 1979, inexplicably referred to me as “Mr. Thatcher” on second reference before restoring me to “Mr. Grayson” on third and fourth reference. I suspect someone believed that I was the spouse of the British prime minister of the day.

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