Mommy, He Stole My Google Ranking!

Oh, quit your bitchy whining, you goddam blogging prima donnas. Boing Boing, Jason Kottke, Jeffrey Zeldman, Matt Haughey, and the so-called “A-list bloggers” have never once linked to me and you don’t hear me complaining. In fact, I could care less, because placating a solipsist like Jason Kottke is not why I blog.

If you’re in the blogging for the hits and influence and you can’t be troubled to read the goddam information that Google provides which explains in extensive detail how Google indexes its pages, then cry me a sixth ocean. It should be noted that the Google results were more or less restored after the holiday screwup. So the alarmism here is from Technorati crackwhores and Icerocket divas who can’t be troubled to figure out the way the system works and who insist on getting a second slice of birthday cake before everybody else has had their first slice.

Technorati and Google rankings are as fleeting as the sun poking through the clouds in San Francisco. Get used to it.


  1. Screw Google and Technorati rankings. I found rankings to be too depressing: “Aw, no one linked to me today! Or for the last three days…” Since I treat most comments like emails, having a small, loyal readership makes it easier for me to interact with my commenters.

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