More Quickies

  • The Davis Enterprise talks with local wunderkind Kim Stanley Robinson. The phrase “fried on automotive life” appears in the profile.
  • Bernice Rubens has died. She was the second novelist to win the Man Booker Prize for fiction.
  • Time dares to tackle Graham Greene, with a header about as bad as a knock-knock joke.
  • Carol Shields’ Unless is now a play.
  • Some dirt on Elmore Leonard’s new book, “I’m almost finished with a new book in which one of the characters is the son of an oil millionaire in Oklahoma in the 1930s, and he decides that he wants to be Public Enemy No. 1, like the bank robber John Dillinger. This guy doesn’t see what’s wrong with that and, like a lot of people, he doesn’t think he’s going to be held accountable.”