Music Preview: George Bush, “Exile on Bourbon Street”


1. Let the Niggers Rot in New Orleans
2. It Might Take Years
3. Don’t Need No Aid
4. It’s Always Time for Vacation
5. Wal-Mart Comes First
6. Glad I Never Had to Hack My Way Out of an Attic
7. Nature Ain’t As Bad As a Terrorist
8. Bootstrap Boogie
9. Zero Tolerance
10. It’s Hard Work
11. Flying High at a Press Conference
12. They’ll Forget This Week Next Year


  1. Don’t forget the CD bonus tracks —

    “(I’m looking forward to talking to) People On the Ground”
    “Bulldozer Time” (w. Denny Hastert)
    “Sittin’ On Your New Front Porch” (w. Trent Lott)

  2. I think this is in very bad taste .I agree things could have been done faster but I dont see the reason for someone wanting to make this a racial issue as usuall. Why fan the flames .Lets just get the help they need & move on this type of stuff doesnt accomplish a damn thing .If you are so upset by the pace go do something yourself

  3. I think Bush’s actions are in very bad taste, but I’m not quibbling over Bush’s right to make an ass of himself. Whether Bush likes it or not, this has become a racial issue. The crux of those left are poor and black. Can you imagine the message it sends to an African-American waiting at the Convention Center for promised aid, doing everything by the book, only to see aid arrive days later than needed (after untold deaths)? It sends a resounding message that he is a second-class citizen, not fit to participate in the “democracy” that the United States masquerades as.

  4. Caught me off guard and I literally laughed out loud on the first one.

    And anybody who thinks that race is a non-issue has their proverbial head in the sand.

    Hey, just because I didn’t update my blog for a month doesn’t mean you can just take me off your blogroll!

    I’m tellin’ mom on you!

  5. V Greco, Mabuse — You can’t have an horrendously overweight, gluttonous, petty as it is affluent nation that ALSO immediately responds to a tragedy of this enormity. That people have gotten around to being good gives indication that humanity has not completely left the collective mass of humanity that calls itself America. We still give a damn… eventually.

    And I’m not talking about response AFTER Hurricane Katrina. There had been a significant push toward civil engineering funding in the areas that were hit by Hurricane Katrina. Fortifying levy systems and insignificant things like that. All coffers drained toward the war, no fortification ever happened.

    Bush isn’t evil, just kind of media stupid. To appear like I cared, upon hearing of the devastation in the South, I would’ve immediately STOPPED all “photo ops” and made sure the next time the public saw me, it was in the context of exhibiting care.

  6. There’s also the heartwarming track A Lotta Cash for Lott, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Trent Lott Home Reconstruction Charity, which has been largely overlooked by them dang liberals in the media.

  7. Your gonna have to make this a double CD because I have some songs of my own like” let me kiss own two black sisters now I wont seem recist”and my favorite “Dont let me out at the Super Dome”.Ill be honest I really think Bush means well really , but I think he is just so fucking retarded that he doesnt know any better and his wife is a slick bitch Thank you

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