n+1 Revealed

Mark Sarvas provides the first of a much needed glimpse inside the inner trappings of n+1. I’m as shocked as anyone to learn that there was a time in which the people at n+1 were friendly with litbloggers. But, like all enfants terrible, something caused these manboys to lapse into unintentional self-parody and attack the people who, oddly enough, are probably in the best position to sing their praises. Since Keith Gessen and Marco Roth, as far as I know, lack the introspective know-how and perspicacity to pursue therapy, I certainly hope that Mark’s generosity, in which he will reveal the shifting character of these two men, will assist all parties.


  1. If y’all didn’t seem so genuinely aggrieved about this and if it were more interesting, I’d think it was a put on to generate publicity, but no, I guess it’s all “sincere.” At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, it’s also totally retarded.

  2. Ed, you know I love you, but isn’t your excitement over Mark’s sharing of emails a bit hypocritical when one considers the stance you took when Tao Lin did the same thing during your Oscar blogging?

    I do realize that Keith Gessen has basically given Mark permission to post these emails over at The Millions blog, but had not done so at the time of your post here.

  3. Consider the source. This is a guy whose idea of “injustice” is someone talking in a movie theater. Only slightly self-centered. But I do think he’s stumbled upon a major story here.
    (The giveaway about Ed “Rants” is when he said he would no longer give any attention to n+1. Wow! They must be shaking about that one. This is a guy who WISHES he had real power so he could start excluding lit groups, kicking teenagers out of movie theaters, et.al. Anyone who disturbs his precious bourgeois ego. He truly imagines this blog as the center of the universe. Well, we all have that fault, a little, about our projects, but seldom to such an arrogant extent.)

  4. Mr. Wickett, that’s bullshit logic. Was I the one who posted the email? In what way am I responsible for Mark’s actions? And in what way am I completely condoning his actions here? Or is your perspective on this point so narrow that you cannot fathom a person finding entertainment in an action that he would not commit himself? Gray areas, sir. The world is full of them. I’d expect such a position from a Bush supporter who believes in the “you are with us or against us” hard line, not a thoughtful guy like you. Of course, we probably disagree on this point and that’s fine.

    Of course, if I had turned around and posted a private email on these pages, after I had explicitly removed one on the Oscar blog, THEN you could call me a hypocrite. And I’d happily march my ass to whatever kangaroo court you wish to establish, pleading guilty.

  5. WTF? Did we suddenly roll back the clock to 1997 and slither back into the primordial USENET ether? I’m totally having deja vu flashbacks now…

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