Nadine Aldred Update

The complaint is not yet available online. Current activity shows that Aldred (aka Millenia Black) & Penguin Group have entered into a stipulation, giving Penguin Group through December 1, 2006 to answer the complaint. Penguin may be buying time in order to settle the suit (thereby avoiding the hours of attorney time it will cost to answer the complaint) before December 1, thus causing plaintiff Aldred to dismiss the case. I will check back in December.


  1. Ever wonder why print journalists haven’t pursued this story? I mean, think about it. A major publishing house commits an act of apparent racism in the 21st century. It’s a perfectly interesting story that I’m sure any decent editor would lap up. Could it be that the facts are in question? That this may be a question of journalistic integrity? Could it be the same reason that newspapers didn’t immediately report the rumor planted by the National Inquirer and the Book Standard last week about O.J. Simpson getting paid $3.5 million for a book deal? Perhaps because it was utter horseshit denied by O.J. himself?

    Ed, I think, at the very least, you owe Ms. Aldred an apology in as public a manner as your aims to discredit and dismiss the situation. I’m sure you wouldn’t want someone to disparage you that way if the tables were turned.

    And as you’re now aware, the OJ story was not “utter horseshit”, just as Milenia Black’s situation was not a “bullshit rumor”. You called her a liar and did so for reasons you have yet to share with your audience.

    You owe her an apology Ed. Your previous posts were wrong.

    Becca Tricolli

  2. Ed:

    “bullshit rumor”. Have you become a victim of your own bullet? You seem to have shot yourself, haven’t you?

    You went as far as to asked BSA Pontif, to reveal true identity as criteria to tell all that you have discovered on the Millenia Black’s saga.

    It’s appearing that you’re now pointing thumb at yourself as being really an high class hateful racist along with the racist lady of the month… “The wicked Witch– Scanlon.”

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