Natalie Buzzed

nataliebuzz.jpgSo I’ve made my email rounds. And I thought I was alone in this. But apparently I’m not. The conclusion? Natalie Portman is MUCH sexier with a buzz cut. And at least five of my fellow geek buddies agree. It’s not the fact that she played a seminal role in an Alan Moore film adaptation. Irrespective of this pop cultural association, facts being what they are, Natalie has a pretty sexy head. So I post this message to the public, telling you that if you lust in any way for Natalie Portman sans follicles, you are perfectly normal. But if there are any experts here who might comment upon this contretemps or who may have a dissenting opinion, the thread, of course, is yours.

Regardless, I’m happy to pop that cherry, if you aren’t.

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