1. Not to harp on this, but the Booklist list includes Eggers, Ford, McCarthy, and Adichie – 4 of the 5 NBCC nominees… I’m sure if the NBCC had been able to nominate two dozen books, they would have come up with some interesting picks. Conversely, if Booklist had been forced to narrow its choices to five, who’s to say that the four books mentioned above wouldn’t have been among them.

  2. I said as much in my entry – that the tradtiional selections were there, but also some great unorthodox titles.

    I also said that I thought it was great that Booklist didn’t hold itself to only five titles.

    My point was that Booklist is simply a richer deeper list of titles for readers to be aware of – something that most recently the NBCC, but really all the other lists, were not able to be. (And really – who decided the short lists had to be down to 5 anyway?)

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