Never Knock the Doctor While He’s Down

Apologies for being down and out for the count. Back in the day, we made the mistake of registering our domain with Network Solutions and it took several angry words to explain to the unhelpful little bastard on the phone that we had been screwed over by his company and that the company itself hadn’t bothered to send us any notice that we hadn’t renewed this domain. So if you emailed us lately, we didn’t get it. (Of course, our backlog and response rate is so embarassing that we apologize for this too.)

And while we’re at it, we’ve got to stop using first person plural. Last we heard, we hadn’t been coronated by anyone. And in fact, the last time we played checkers, we recall very clearly never being crowned once.

All this is to say that we apologize for the delay and we offer a return to ferreting out the finest literary news of our time.


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