New Criteria

From The Germatriculator, links at random:

The Olive Press: 51% Evil.
Maud Newton: 50% Evil.
Return of the Reluctant: 42% Evil.
Pullquote: 41% Evil.
The Elegant Variation: 40% Evil.
Wood S Lot: 39% Evil.
About Last Night: 37% Evil.
The Fold Drop: 37% Evil.
Golden Rule Jones: 35% Evil.
Old Hag: 34% Evil.
Gawker: 34% Evil.
Uncle Grambo: 34% Evil
The Literary Saloon: 33% Evil.
Low Culture: 30% Evil.
Wonkette: 28% Evil.
Book Ninja: 25% Evil.
Beatrice: 24% Evil.
Book Slut: 22% Evil.
Sarah Weinman: Page too long. 100% Evil?
Moorish Girl: Page too long. 100% Evil?
TMFTML: Page too long. 100% Evil?
Chicha: Timeout. 75% Evil?

(via Six Different Ways)


  1. One fucking spring day and all my evil’s for naught. You want evil? Please note recent Grambo poaching in Old Hag’s backblogs. I demand a recount!

  2. Yes, I have to doubt the veracity of this whole affair if I’m LESS evil than Maud and MORE evil than Lizzie … feel like I’m in some Bizarro universe here guys …

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