New Disclaimer from Deborah Solomon

The Deborah Solomon interview, recently revealed to be more of an inept collage experiment in which the interviewer is a humorless and badgering solipsist rather than anything close to a respectable journalist, now carry this bold shibboleth:

“Interview conducted, condensed and edited by Deborah Solomon.”

And if that isn’t enough, Solomon, who appears not to be a fan of the Oxford comma, will also begin adopting the bold moniker “sprezzatura” to stave off any additional criticism that comes from the New York Press or the blogosphere.

Rest easy, America! The Times has rectified the Solomon disgrace with one single sentence! Clearly, standards have been corrected and we can count upon the Times to treat this middle-aged white woman with the same hard circumspection that was once meted out to a twentysomething African-American named Jayson Blair, who did more or less the same thing. Alas, Blair was shown the door before he could get in a recurrent disclaimer. A double standard? Well, they don’t call the Times the Gray Lady for nothing.


  1. God, I thought about that line for WAY TOO LONG today (you could interpret this as either 1. I am interested in current problems at the New York Times or 2. I am avoiding finishing my thesis.) Regardless of my own reason for pondering, I’m so glad you brought it up.

    The whole situation is ridiculous. Now that her bizarre ways have been exposed (as if we didn’t have an inkling that that was what was happening the whole time) just ADMITTING it doesn’t make it better!!!! The real question is: where is the uncut interview. How do we find out what she didn’t deem worthy of being on her fancy page?

    But really, I hate serial commas. I don’t get them.

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