New L.A. Times Piece

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I wrote a lengthy feature on confessional writing that appears in this Sunday’s Los Angeles Times. Many thanks to the writers who talked with me for the piece and who put up with my laryngitis. I did try to include everyone, but alas, I ended up talking to far more people than I probably should have. So I’m sorry if you didn’t make it in.

[UPDATE: Ms. Bussel and I talked for close to 90 minutes for this piece and she's offered some additional perspective on her blog: "Me, I'm much more PG than I am NSFW, and yet by dint of what I do for a living, most of what you'll stumble across on line is about matters sexual. But talk to me at a party and I'll quiz you about your babies or your workout routine or your creative endeavors. I'll ask you about your bad dates and favorite cupcakes. Sure, Martha and I probably horrified some of the Etsy folks with our sex talk, but I don't think that's a me thing, it's a comfort with the topic, amongst friends."]

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