New LATBR Site Goes Live

The revamped Los Angeles Times Book Review has gone live, with editor David Ulin announcing, “[W]e will also offer links to book-related stories from around the paper, as well as an array of Web-only material in the weeks to come,” and revealing new monthly columns from the following: Sarah Weinman on mystery (her first column can be found here, although the cheesy name “Dark Passages” has got to go), Ed Park on science fiction (a natural choice and one that should thoroughly combat Dave Itzkoff’s uninformed nonsense on the other coast), Richard Rayner on paperbacks, and Sonja Bolle on children’s books. Also in this week’s section: an essay from Jonathan Safran Foer.


  1. I am so stoked about this!

    Here are some exclamation points to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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