Nick and Tao are too modest to tell you this…

…but they’re reading together Friday night at Bluestockings.

I tell them, “Boys, ya gotta promote yourselves once in a while! It wouldn’t kill you! Stop being so self-effacing all the time!”

But do they listen to their Uncle Richard? Not on your life! They’re a pair of shrinking violents, the two of them!

I heard what Tao said to Nick when he thought I was dozing off during The Price is Right: “What does he know, he was born in the Truman administration!”

Feh. I don’t know what’s wrong with these kids today, they’re like Casper Milquetoasts or something. That’s why I had to tell them to call the Bluestockings reading “Hot Young Live Sexy Debut Novelists.”

It will also feature the lovely Douglas Light and the debonair Deb Olin Unferth. Remember, 7 p.m. Friday at my favorite Lower East Side radical feminist bookstore, Bluestockings. And I think you can nosh on something while they’re reading.

UPDATE: Go know, I’ve just been informed that I am supposed to be reading with Tao, Dan Hoy and Ellen Kennedy for 3:AM Magazine tonight at Galapagos Art Space. But my VCR’s on the fritz, it’s One Tree Hill night, and I think that new girl is going to tell Lucas that it was Dan, not Jimmy, who killed his uncle. Plus, it’s sweeps month, I’m a Nielsen viewer, and if I go, the CW loses its entire 55-and-over demographic. The network can kiss those Polident and Depends ads goodbye! What a revolting development this is.


  1. richard, our reading tonight is in time out new york, please come. i don’t want to be alone.

    ellen isn’t coming.

    i’m not sure if dan is coming.


  2. Richard, I say this with great affection towards Tao Lin, because I like his work — but I must take exception to the idea that my friend Mr. Tao Lin does not know how to toot his own horn. He’s one of the hardest-working tooters in NY City, which I think is a great thing. Hey, when I met him two weeks ago he was handing out postcards for his book.

    Wish I could make these shows, anyway — next time!

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