No, Ari, It’s What Called Thinking Outside a Unilateral Political Paradigm

Ari Fleischer: “If you allow those who are the most vocal and most antagonistic to get a meeting with the president for fear that publicity will hurt you if you don’t, you’re creating incentives for your critics to become even more antagonistic and more vocal.”

This is the uncivilized and inflexible approach to diplomacy that these goons specialize in. The truth is that they won’t meet with Cindy Sheehan because they’re scared and they know of no other way to communicate other than silently nodding their heads with all the humanity of a gunmetal grade school bookshelf.

[UPDATE: And while we’re on the subject, only a real president would actually visit my beautiful city. Certainly not this bozo.]

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  1. I think your point is a wee bit undercut given that the president has already met with Mrs. Sheehan once before.

    I fail to see what Mrs. Sheehan and her liberal cohorts are doing as civilized. Ari’s point is logical. If you meet with people who make a scene that will encourage other to make a scene. It may be that compassion dictates an exception in this case, but the logic is sound.

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