No Ed, per Dan…

…and yet in the absence of Ed there is another Ed: your humble narrator, Ed P., occasionally referred to on this blog as East Coast Ed.

There are so few Eds roaming the landscape that we need to band together. (So it is written in the Ed Manifesto.) It’s a strange name—Edward‘s not strange, but Ed is so abrupt. And yet I like it, Ed C. likes it—there is the idea that you are getting the maximum possible impact from two letters.

To kick things off, I want to share my favorite recent blurb: Sarah Manguso on poet Jennifer Knox’s forthcoming Drunk By Noon (Bloof Books). The blurb itself is like a poem!:

Since Knox favors premise over conclusion, her poems simply speak—they do not explain. In this way they are not entirely unlike scripture. The part that is unlike scripture is the one that’s like “Wait, I was reading these poems and laughing but my hearing aid fell out and then my face just kind of blew off in a beautiful rainbow spray of bullshit-dissolving napalm.”

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