Not Even the Sphinx Can Answer for Pauly Shore’s Continued Employment

Hey, kids, want to make a quick buck and try and stop one of the most untalented men in show business in one go? Well, now you can. It seems that Pauly (Jury Duty) Shore has somehow conned TBS into giving him a television show called Minding the Store. If you keep a straight face and don’t laugh (too bad there’s no extra points for outright nausea), Pauly Shore will send you a dollar back.

Unfortunately, according to the rules, “NO MORE THAN 250,000 REQUESTS WILL BE HONORED AND THIS OFFER WILL END ON THE EARLIER OF 8/15/05 OR THE RECEIPT OF 250,000 REQUESTS.” Which means that they’ve budgeted the show to lose $250,000.

Here’s my question: why not more? If my calculations are correct, a three million dollar cap should send a clear and resounding message that Pauly Shore should not be hired under any circumstances.

The real question: Why doesn’t most television operate this way? I’m not sure if it would improve television, but if people demanded their money back, wouldn’t it send a real message to the networks that most of the shit they air is vapid?


  1. I know why Pauly Shore is still in showbiz–it’s a conspiracy to keep him out of civilian employment. Imagine if he was in the cube next to you.

  2. Scott, your comment has filled my with horor and fear.

    Everyone, please, please, keep Pauly Shore in Hollywood! Maybe if we all pool our money, a dollar a piece, he’ll stay there.

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