Nude Gene? Inconclusive

Regular Reluctant visitors may remember my query a few weeks ago about the possible existence of a gene causing the Hemingway family to spontaneously take their clothes off. Fortunately, the able team at The Literary Dick has attempted an answer to my question. One doctor declared the question a weird one. While the Genome Project hasn’t yet been consulted, the Literary Dick speculates that until such a gene can be demonstrated, it cannot possibly exist. There are additional possibilities over whether this might be a nature vs. nurture argument. But I leave the able scholars of nudism to unravel potential genetic dispositions.


  1. FWIW, I searched Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man ( and came up with nothing. There is a curious Cold-Induced Sweating Syndrome, but I can’t imagine Hemmy had to deal with frost too much down in Key West.

    Yes yes, I know: I perform an invaluable service. No thanks are necessary–virtue is its own reward and all that. I’m just here to serve. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have other very important ways in which to waste my employer’s time.

  2. Ed, you’re quoted (but identified only as “one blogger”) in the Observer:

    “Or, as one blogger wrote, ‘How to Make a Caitlin Flanagan / Take: / One jigger of [anti-gay activist] Anita Bryant / One jigger of [actress and children’s advocate] Jane Russell / One jigger of [right-wing firebrand] Ann Coulter / A dash of pretentious language (for faux sophistication and New Yorker credentials) / One quart of self-entitlement, an expendable income / Mix. Serves establishment.'”

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