NYT Learns That the Information Wants to Be Free — Five Years After Everybody Else

New York Post: “The New York Times is poised to stop charging readers for online access to its Op-Ed columnists and other content, The Post has learned. After much internal debate, Times executives – including publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. – made the decision to end the subscription-only TimesSelect service but have yet to make an official announcement, according to a source briefed on the matter.”

Now don’t you feel like a sucker for signing up for TimesSelect?


  1. Thus freeing Paul Krugman from his cyber-prison, after too many years of squandering his passionate and insightful commentary when America needed it most. (Yes, I know he’s always been available in print – but print is dead, right? The NYT wants to be a cultural arbiter, and yet muzzles its best writer from enjoying his maximum possible reach.)

    On the other hand, this policy also effectively kept Tom Friedman offline, so maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

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