1. Two of the novels, the Bolano and the Peterson, were on my personal recommendation list this year, and I was interested in the Thomas and Johnson books, although I haven’t read either yet. Junot Diaz should certainly have been included.

    Is _Savage Detectives_ really a safe choice? It’s a long, somewhat meandering novel filled with debauchery and obscure literary references, published in translation years after being written by a dead, previously little known author from outside the US. It certainly sparked a lot of buzz in the media, and while it may not have been a complete stretch to include it, the selection was well-earned.

  2. Would be curious to hear your thoughts on why these are “safe.” As a group, they don’t seem all that safe to me.

    And, I seem to recall a similar discussion last year, but isn’t the stated goal of a list like this to pick the “Best” books without concern as to how “safe” they are?

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