First page: epigraph from Thelonious Monk.


Next page: Seal.


Title page: One. The Light Over the Ranges.


“Now single up all lines!”

“Cheerly now…handsomely…very well! Prepare to cast her off!”

“Windy City, here we come!”

“Hurrah! Up we go!”

It was amid such lively exclamation that the hydrogen skyship Inconvenience, its gondola draped with patriotic bunting, carrying a five-lad crew belonging to that celebrated aeronautics club known as the Chums of Chance, ascended briskly into the morning, and soon caught the southerly wind.

1,081 pages to go.


  1. Lucky bastard. From other reports you’re in for a real treat. How about a few more photos for us poor preterite readers who have to wait until November 21? Or is she a shy one who won’t even take off her jacket indoors?

  2. Holy Cow! A new Pynchon novel? I knew one was around the corner, and now it’s here! It’s amazing what you can learn, through the W.A.S.T.E. underground mail system!

  3. I’d be much obliged if you’d put your copy up on Bookmooch when you’re finished. 😉

  4. I got a copy today. What an amazingly good book. Archduke Ferdinand telling yo mama jokes! Portraits of anarachists! And that’s all in the first fifty pages…

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