Once the Lawyers Sort This All Out, the Sky’s the Limit

The Guardian: “But Campion’s recent New York crime thriller, In the Cut, incurred the wrath of US censors for the inclusion of what appeared to be an explicit (and narratively pivotal) blowjob. Campion protested that the scene was not hard-core (which is defined as ‘real’ rather than ‘simulated’ sex) because the phallus in question was a prosthetic; as Campion told me, she would never ask an actress to perform oral sex. Not so the makers of the Anglo-French film, Intimacy, in which Kerry Fox gets famously close to Mark Rylance in a manner which boldly straddles the divide between fact and fiction, reminding us of John Waters’s prophetic predictions about name actors breaking the last taboo.” (via Reverse Cowgirl)

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